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Loud – Summer Funk

Loud – Burnin’

Parade Of Lights – Golden (Loud Remix)


Rejuvenate your day with an upbeat and refreshing sound by Loud! His music offers a new wave of warm, summer vibes with his tropical house beats that are truly made for dancing. Loud, also known as Mathieu Lesage, is a young French producer that is fresh on the EDM scene and is likely to gain notoriety in the near future.

Tropical house, often characterized as a summery or tropical feel, is emerging into the electronic music sphere as a new style that utilizes a mix of melodic hooks, smooth saxophone, exotic steel drums, and elegant flutes. Loud is a stellar producer that is able exhibit pure mastery by capturing emotion in his tracks with exhilarating vocal samples, potent hooks, and clean production.



He was born in 1996 and grew up in Rambouillet, near Paris, France. Loud currently lives in Paris while he pursues his studies in Business School. When he was only 7 years old, he learned how to play the piano and write his own songs. Loud discovered Daft Punk when he was 14, which really opened his eyes to the possibilities of music production. He explained to Organic Sound,

“My music theory teacher, who is also a sound engineer, introduced me to music software. Without him, I wouldn’t have started producing but he taught me basics of mixing, mastering, and the use of synthesizers.” -Loud

Loud then spent two years learning the basics of music production from his mentor and music theory teacher. He produces music using Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and works with Ableton Live on his laptop. He started by producing dubstep, trap, instrumental hip hop, and orchestral tracks but recently found his true niche in the genre of tropical house. Loud stated,

“I just want people to feel something when they listen to my songs, this is the magic of music.” -Loud

Loud isn’t just a phenomenal producer, he is a talented graphic designer as well and creates all of his own album covers and artwork. He explained that when he is in the zone of creating music or art, he likes to be in a super good mood before sitting in front of the keyboard. Loud, who has a Hawaiian background, says he gets the inspiration for all of his songs by thinking of the summer,the sun, and holidays. Although Loud may be fresh on the scene, he will power his way into the hearts of true EDM lovers and fanatics before you know it.



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GRiZ – Summer ’97

GRiZ – Feelin’ High

GRiZ – The Moment Seizes Us


GRiZ combines jazzy instrumental grooves with vintage vocal samples and seductive saxophone drops to provide a soulful journey into the exploration of musical expression. GRiZ is an American electronic music artist also known as Grant Kwiecinski (born May 31st, 1990) from Detroit, Michigan. GRiZ had learned to play the Alto Saxophone and piano at a young age. At 14 years old, he fell in love with hip-hop instrumentals and electronic dance music.

From funky grooves to jazzy melodies, GRiZ’s inventive style to fuse his own saxophone instrumentals with his love for soulful electro tunes has helped his talent stand out from all the rest. GRiZ’s style creates bass infused hip-hop, electro soul, and future funk sounding productions often accompanied by the live performance and recording of his Alto Saxophone and the use of an array of vinyl samples.


The State News reported, “Former MSU student Grant Kwiecinski took control of his future when he decided to postpone his college education and focus on a music career. In his mind, Kwiecinski said, it was now or never.” Kwiecinski said to The State News,

“Things don’t just happen, we make our own destiny.” -GRiZ

GRiZ debuted his first full-length album late summer on Sept 4th ’12 titled “Mad Liberation” that has garnered him major buzz and exposure worldwide, racking up over 40,000+ downloads within it’s first 2 weeks of being released. Although music has become his career, GRiZ has provided listeners with a free download of his most recent album, “Mad Liberation.” While this decision could potentially jeopardize his profit, Kwiecinski said it’s a worthy sacrifice to be able to have his music shared. He said to The State News,

“It’s important for music to be heard and shared,” he said. “It’s spiritual, and I don’t want to put a price on that.” -GRiZ

With the summer being filled with some huge festival performances including some notable shows at Electric Forest, Coachella, Movement (Detroit Electronic Music Festival), and Summer Set. He also joined Gramatik for his Digital Freedom tour, as well as some spread-out small headline dates in the mix. Fall 2012 for GRiZ was pretty eventful, jumping on Big Gigantic and Bassnectar’s tours, then off playing a small run of his own intimate headline shows across the nation so keep an eye out for him in your area!


Big Gigantic

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Big Gigantic – Touch the Sky

Big Gigantic – Fantastic

Big Gigantic – Get On Up

Are you ready to get funked up with Big Gigantic’s groovy-electro sound? Big Gigantic mixes electronic roots with funk, jazz and dubstep influences. Big Gigantic is an instrumental electronic group based out of Boulder, Colorado consisting of Dominic Lalli (saxophone) and Jeremy Salken (drums). Both members have extensive backgrounds in music, and Lalli holds a Master’s Degree from the Manhattan School of Music. Big Gigantic is known for their high energy performances including live saxophone and drums instrumentation. The group’s dynamic visuals at their lightshows are a prominent part of the live Big Gigantic experience.

From playing at small venues around Colorado, to instantaneously headlining shows throughout the country and hitting major festivals, Big Gigantic showcases an amplified array of compositions that combine elements of DJ production and a live band that leaves fans from coast to coast in awe. hey have played at a wide-range of large-scale music festivals, including Bonnaroo, Wakarusa, Ultra Music Festival, All Good Music Festival, Electric Forest Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival, Snowball Music Festival, and Global Dance Festival, and many others. Big Gigantic has opened up for groups like Pretty Lights and Bassnectar.

Big Gigantic is among one of the few groups that releases their music for free downloads on their website. Their most recent album “Nocturnal” is also available for full download on their website as well. In a interview the group stated:

“We like having our music accessible to everybody, no matter how they get their music – torrents, iTunes, blogs, whatever. We want it there for people.” -Big Gigantic

Lalli has a Masters degree in saxophone jazz performance and has been making music for nearly 15 years. The duo used to live together and would do jazz and funk gigs around town in Colorado. After a little dabbling into music production software on the computer, they started making beats together blending electronic music with live sax and drum instrumentals.

They have been refining their sound into a genuinely unique fusion of saxophone melodies, acoustic drums and bass-heavy electronic music production. Their newest album, Nocturnal was released in January 2012. Their style cannot be classified into a single genre, but an exceptional variety of glitch, dubstep, drum & bass, and jazz that combines to form the essence of a funky groove.