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About Kayla:

My name is Kayla and I am a recent Journalism and Media Studies graduate from the University of South Florida. My love for music started when I was only 3 years old as I would pop in my parent’s AC/DC tape and jam out. I would play along with the beats on phone books with my father’s drumsticks. Soon after, my parents decided to buy me a PEARL drum set, and it forever changed the way I heard music from that point. I could hear the drum beat most prominently in any type of music I would listen to. When I was young, I was really into classic rock and hip-hop such as Pink Floyd, Journey, Styx, Bone Thugz and Harmony, Outkast, Big L, etc. As I grew older, my variety for music taste drastically changed and I began to embrace all genres that express the synergy in bringing out emotional feelings.

I always find myself focusing on the sounds and styles of music that have the ability to create an impact on emotions. Music has the power to impact your mind, mood, and thought patterns. It can force your sub conscience to feel something, whether it makes you feel happy, sad, excited, angry, calm, or tender. It has been scientifically proven that the relationship between playing and listening to music releases the feel-good hormones in the brain including dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. It is believed that music listening activates more regions of the brain to increase agility and activity, which is why it is important to use music in our lives as we grow older. Some evolutionary scientists conclude that the process of songs and lyrics in the brain have been a direct guide to the development of human nature.

Sound is a powerful force in nature and this video accurately displays in true detail the visible elements of sound:

About the Organic Sound Blog:

I created the music blog, Organic Sound, by combining my passion for writing and pure love for music. I initially started the Organic Sound blog by developing a brand, gathering information and curating music by my favorite artists. I use my researching skills to connect with several artists through social media and email to provide background information about each musician.

Through this project, I learned a lot about CMS management and integrating multimedia into blog posts to create a more interactive experience for the visitor. Managing this blog also helped me learn about analytics and I was amazed to see that I receive views from around the world daily, which inspired a relaunching of the site. There are big plans to relaunch with a new website, branding, and campaign with changes in the near future!

If you are interested in being featured on the blog or becoming a writer for Organic Sound please email: OrganicSoundBlog@gmail.com